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The Doldrums
Mexican Summer
Catalogue Number
Release Date
24 kwiecień 2020

For an entry point into the thrilling early music of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, there is no brighter lodestar than The Doldrums. Recorded in 1999-2000 and presented as Ariel Pink’s undergraduate thesis at art school, the album represented a quantum leap from Ariel’s primitive, DIY recordings into a singular sound that defined the artist’s music. As a key release in the next installment of Ariel Archives, The Doldrums has been remastered from the original cassette masters and outfitted with new liner notes and research by Simon Reynolds. Released in conjunction with The Doldrums are archival reissues of Worn Copy and House Arrest, both classics on par with deranged magic of The Doldrums.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Good Kids Make Bad Grown-Ups 4:39 Kup

    Good Kids Make Bad Grown-Ups

  2. 2 Strange Fires 4:06 Kup

    Strange Fires

  3. 3 Among Dreams 4:19 Kup

    Among Dreams

  4. 4 For Kate I Wait 4:19 Kup

    For Kate I Wait

  5. 5 Haunted Graffiti 3:50 Kup

    Haunted Graffiti

  6. 6 Gray Sunset 3:38 Kup

    Gray Sunset

  7. 7 The Doldrums 4:02 Kup

    The Doldrums

  8. 8 Envelopes Another Day 5:08 Kup

    Envelopes Another Day

  9. 9 The Ballad of Bobby Pyn 10:58 Kup

    The Ballad of Bobby Pyn

  10. 10 Don't Think Twice (Love) 2:05 Kup

    Don't Think Twice (Love)

  11. 11 Until The Night Dies 3:43 Kup

    Until The Night Dies

  12. 12 Crying 2:17 Kup


  13. 13 Theme From Unreleased Claris Gardens 2:52 Kup

    Theme From Unreleased Claris Gardens

  14. 14 Let's Build a Campfire There 4:09 Kup

    Let's Build a Campfire There

  15. 15 Young Pilot Astray 2:32 Kup

    Young Pilot Astray

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