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House Arrest
Mexican Summer
Catalogue Number
Release Date
24 Abril 2020
  • Vinil, 2×LP


    Black Vinyl

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Originally released in 2002, House Arrest is riddled with an antic, self-reflexive energy. The album’s opener, “Hardcore Pops Are Fun”, makes it clear: House Arrest is exuberant, supercharged––an upshift from the melancholia saturating its predecessor The Doldrums. But House Arrest is not just a change of tone from alienation to joyfulness; the album shuffles through countless modes and styles, from conventional pop arrangements to wild, deconstructive experiments. Expanded across two LPs and including the first-ever vinyl appearance of The People I'm Not, Oceans of Weep, Netherlands, and Higher and Higher. In all, House Arrest is perhaps the signature Haunted Graffiti album, a self-portrait of Ariel Pink’s mad descent into the creative abyss.

Lista de Faixas Digitais

  1. 1 Hardcore Pops Are Fun 4:24 Comprar
  2. 2 Interesting Results 2:43 Comprar
  3. 3 West Coast Calamities 4:00 Comprar
  4. 4 Flying Circles 3:55 Comprar
  5. 5 Gettin' High In The Morning 6:44 Comprar
  6. 6 Helen 4:14 Comprar
  7. 7 Every Night I Die At Miyagi's 3:57 Comprar
  8. 8 House Arrest 5:02 Comprar
  9. 9 Alisa 2:57 Comprar
  10. 10 The People I'm Not 6:02 Comprar
  11. 11 Almost Waiting 4:49 Comprar
  12. 12 Oceans Of Weep 5:00 Comprar
  13. 13 Netherlands 9:10 Comprar
  14. 14 Higher And Higher 3:16 Comprar
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